The VSV Arbarel was a Vorgon starship, a Ryn'kodan-class battle- and timeship, belonging the mercenary criminals Commander Boratus, and his partner, Ajur. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")


Due to the Arbarel's routine time-travelling, events are listed in the chronological order of the ship's subjective timeline.

When Timot Danlen of the 31st century Federation Temporal Agency learned that the Vorgon criminals Ajur and Boratus were after Kal Dano's Tox Uthat device - a powerful quantum phase inhibitor - he recruited an Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship from the year 2410 to prevent the device from falling into the criminals' hands. The AQA vessel first encountered the VSV Arbarel in orbit of Lirss Prime on stardate 354184.63 (27th century). Danlen, under the pseudonym Daniels, engaged the Vorgons on the surface and saved Dano, while the Arbarel battled the Alliance ship in orbit. Dano successfully escaped to another time period, and the Arbarel summoned reinforcements to cover its pursuit. Because the reinforcements were not native to the local time period, Danlen declared it safe to destroy them.

The Arbarel tried to capture Kal Dano's timeship in the year 2152, during a three-way battle between the Vulcan D'Kyr-class DFC Tal'Kir and the Earth vessel Enterprise NX-01 on one side, and Suliban Cabal cell ships versus Tholian Assembly Mesh Weaver-class frigates on the other. After Dano's ship returned to the year 2410, the Tholians let go of the Vulcans and Humans and engaged both the AQA vessel and the VSV Arbarel. The Vorgons summoned further reinforcements. While the Arbarel escaped to the Sol system in 2375, with the Alliance starship in pursuit, the remaining Tholian and Vorgon were destroyed.

The AQA starship apprehended Boratus and Ajur during the Raid on San Francisco in 2375. With the help of local Starfleet, the theft of the Tox Uthat from a laboratory beneath Starfleet Command was prevented but Ajur was killed. Hurt by the loss, Commander Boratus summoned "the Envoy" to the Arbarel, and declared to join the Temporal Liberation Front to sate his revenge. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Vorgon Conclusions")

During the raid, the Arbarel had taken 24th century Starfleet personnel prisoner. Boratus and Caldur discussed them and the Vorgons' admission to the Temporal Liberation Front. Danlen boarded the ship with a small team, disguised as Breen Confederacy soldiers bargaining for the captives. Except for a Human lieutenant, whom he recruited because history recorded her death, Danlen returned the captives to Starfleet HQ. (STO short story: "Winter of Discontent")

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