The VSW Afan was a Hazari frigate starship in service in the early 25th century. In 2410, the Afan was under the command of Captain Y'Dren. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "The Dragon's Deceit")


In the year 2410, the Afan came under attack in the Kartella system when it delivered a holographic emitter to Admiral Tuvok. The Afan came under attack from Vaadwaur Supremacy forces but was defended by two Alpha Quadrant Alliance starships, including USS Voyager. The Afan's crew had been unable to install the emitter themselves before the Vaadwaur attacked. Y'Dren handed it over once the ship was secured.

The Afan and Voyager waited in the outskirts of the system until Tuvok returned aboard the disguised AQA starship. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "The Dragon's Deceit")

The Afan was among the Hazari starships meeting with Ambassador Neelix in the Neles system. Once Y'Dren's demands were met, he agreed to have the Hazari join the Delta Quadrant. (STO - The Delta Quadrant mission: "Alliances")

VSW (Vaadwaur Supremacy Warship) is a Vaadwaur prefix.
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