Vajripam was an Orion city and capital of the Vaj, on Rigel VII (Kolar).

It was the nominal center of power for the Vaj and the rest of planet, and was situated on the continent of Ingarroi. It was a sprawling city of mudbrick buildings and diburnite citadels, and was the site to one of the only two spaceports on the planet. It was also the smooth-walled home of the Imperial Palace of the Vaj, formerly a Fourth Orion Empire power plant.

The climate around the city of Vajripam was substantially warmer than the rest of the continent, and the area enjoyed regular rainfall. Starfleet scientists suspected that ancient weather control technology was responsible, and believed that if this could be reactivated at a global level then Rigel VII could potentially be rescued from ecological ruin. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

Vajripam is not shown on the accompanying map, but it may be located in the Vaklash-Othiwash Plain, the only patch of green on the continent of Ingarroi.
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