Valek was a female Vulcan in the 23rd century. She was a member of the Federation Diplomatic Corps and a protégé of Ambassador Sarek.


Born circa 2230, Valek and her twin brother Varen grew up alongside Spock. During their youth, Valek was one of the many Vulcan children who bullied Spock for being half-human, as well as questioned the marriage of Spock's father, Ambassador Sarek, to the human woman Amanda Grayson.

As an adult, Valek joined the ranks of the Federation Diplomatic Corps and apprenticed under Sarek.

In the year 2269, Representative Valek was dispatched by the Council Special Committee for Security and Frontier Intelligence to determine if the Excalbian refugees on Zeta Gibralter qualified for Federation protection or even admission.

During this mission, Valek was reunited with now-Commander Spock, to whom she acknowledged the fault in her logic that led her to bully him in their younger years. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

Personal lifeEdit

Because she was a twin, Valek was never bonded with another Vulcan during childhood, nor had she ever been subjected to the pon farr.

At one point in her life, Valek had a human lover. During the mission at Zeta Gibraltar, she and Captain James T. Kirk developed a mutual attraction for each other that culminated in a kiss. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

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