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From the back cover: Tensions caused by speculation that Cardassia is about to reoccupy Bajor are complicated by the arrival of a strange alien ship. When it's discovered that the crew is dead and the ship is carrying valuable Gamma Quadrant technology, it becomes a sought after prize, which Commander Sisko must fight to keep out of Cardassian hands. Meanwhile, Sisko also finds himself at odds with Major Kira, who believes the ship is Bajoran property.

When the alien ship suddenly seizes control of Deep Space Nine, and the Cardassians move in to try to capture it, Sisko must face off against a shipload of angry Cardassians -- and the alien being controlling Deep Space Nine!


While Kira is complaining to Sisko about a number of Cardassian incursions into Bajoran airspace, a mysterious ship comes through the wormhole and begins drifting towards Cardassian space. Sisko has the ship tractored into the station, where it is discovered to be empty apart from three dead crewmembers. O'Brien notes the computers use a technique the Federation has been trying to develop without success.

Almost immediately, two Cardassian ships, including Gul Dukat's, arrive at the station, claiming possession of the ship for Cardassia on the grounds it was heading towards their space. Sisko refuses and learns from the other commander, Gul Kaidan, that the Goran Tokar, leader of a political faction who believe Cardassia should never have left Bajor, is dying and the opportunistic Dukat is one of the candidates who hopes to be named his heir. Another candidate, Gul Kudesh, is responsible for the incursions. He advises that Gul Burot, who the current administration can deal with, would be a more favourable candidate.

A series of computer malfunctions are caused by the alien ship, which turns out to be a sentient being named Enak. Dax communicates with it and learns its newfound sentience was mistaken for a malfunction by its panicking tschak crew and it accidentally killed them in self-defence. Having searched its databanks and learned their souls had gone to heaven, Enak has been trying to die so it may join them and continue to serve them and believed the wormhole was a conduit to heaven.

One of Kudesh's ships mistakes a Bajoran firework display for an attack and the crew beam out, resulting in it crashing and killing four children. Kaidan escorts Kudesh's taskforce out of the area but this gives Dukat an opening to try and take Enak by force. Enak shuts down the station's defences and allows a Cardassian boarding party onboard, hoping to incite a battle so it may study the passing of the soul to heaven.

When he learns Enak is using his link with the station to infect his own computers, Dukat pulls out. Enak, who has learned the penalty for murder from reviewing the station records, makes a suicide run on Dukat's ship, destroying himself and killing four of Dukat's crew. As a result of Kudesh and Dukat's humiliation, Burot is named the Goran Tokar's successor.



ArrahJulian BashirJadzia DaxDirodanDukatEnakFereelElim GarakGarokMuhammed GoldbergKaidanKira NerysKorynNogMiles O'BrienOdoPhilipsPodQuarkRomRosenbergR'retShula SereniSilne KorynBenjamin SiskoJake SiskoWaru TeyshanAshtarian chief scientistsnuguort
Referenced only
BurotDaxCurzon DaxPenzak DaxKag DuzekGomtuuKudeshKeiko O'BrienOpakaParotiPeshorJean-Luc PicardQing


Alpha QuadrantBajor VIII/AndrosBajoran wormhole/Celestial TempleDeep Space 9Hesh-SosoralOperations centerPromenadeQuark's
Referenced only
BajorCardassiaDarius XIEarthFerenginarGamma QuadrantHeavenHellLauan XIIMarsSan Francisco

Starships and vehicles

CDS AgilretUSS Ganges (Danube-class) • CDS GorzCDS LedreniUSS Orinoco (Danube-class) • USS Rio Grande (Danube-class) • CDS Shokrath
Referenced only
USS DefiantUSS ExcaliburUSS Enterprise-D

Races and cultures

Referenced only

States and organizations

Bajoran MilitiaBajoran Provisional GovernmentCardassian EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets
Referenced only
Bajoran ResistanceDaystrom InstituteDja Bajora KarassFareen Mis TolorFederation CouncilJudges of the DeadKhon-MaRevanche

Science and technology

besrethine neural networkcomputerdecontaminationhydrogenenvironmental suitfission pilemethanenaniteneutrinoPupspacestarshiptimewormholeXTC-4

Ranks and titles

captaincommanderGoran Tokargulterroristvaioravedek

Other references

Bajoran religionbardianiteBattle of ReganninCelebration of Tissincoffeedabofirst contactghostgovernmentOccupation of Bajorpropagandasnuguortspace salvage lawsstardriftertechnologyxenophobia


Related stories

  • The authors note places this novel before the DS9 novel: Betrayal, before the Revanche party came to power. The reference to the Defiant was added by the editor, despite author Lawrence Watt-Evans intending Valhalla to be set during the first season. At one point, Sisko remarks that Odo is the only member known of his species, placing the novel before "The Search". (Voyages of Imagination)
  • "Pup" was discovered by the crew in the DS9 episode: "The Forsaken". It is put back into the doghouse after helping to wrest control of DS9 away from Enak.
  • O'Brien mentions the events of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Tin Man".


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