Valk was a Tandaran male, who served as an officer in the Tandaran military in the 22nd century.

History Edit

By 2162, he held the rank of general. In September of that year, Valk led the Tandaran relive forces at Kemsar Colony, a Tandaran settlement that was attacked, dozens massacred and several children kidnapped. The evidence that the Tandarans found suggested that the attackers were Suliban. This was the third such attack, all close to the territory of the newly formed United Federation of Planets.

Since the Tandarans made an agreement with the Federation, that the Federation can provide amnesty to any Sulibans as long as they don't take action against the Tandarans for past events, Valk contacted the Federation to demand an explanation. Starfleet sent Admiral Jonathan Archer and Lieutenant Travis Mayweather to resolve the situation and provide assistance.

Valk showed Archer their evidence, but Archer insisted that neither the Sullibans nor the Federation was responsible. While highly distrustful of the Starfleet officers, Valk decided to accept their help in tracking down the attackers. He accompanied Archer to the USS Endeavour, since the Federation ship had a much bigger chance to intercept the raiders in time.

Two days later, they dealt with the Suliban ships just before they arrived at the Qhembembem Outpost, where they intended to sell the children as slaves. The Starfleet crew maneged to capture two of the "Suliban" alive, and Endeavour's doctor, Phlox revealed them to be Malurian criminals.

Valk and the rescued children were beamed to the Tandaran warship Grentra. While still not trusting the Federation, he at least admitted that the fledgling nation was in no position to pose a threat to Tandar. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: A Choice of Futures)

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