Comprised of 26 Valkyrie-class fighters on the USS Typhon, these pilots were drawn from Red Squad. Recently graduated from Starfleet Academy, they were not on the USS Valiant when it was lost.

All pilots were presumably ensigns or lieutenants upon graduation from cadet status. Valkyries were sent out usually in three member flights for missions but on occasion in matched pairs. Several wing pairs formed a patrol force. In pitched battles, all 26 fighters could be launched.

Confirmed Members were:

Johnson, Valkyrie 1
Flew with Cooper on several missions. Onscreen data from the HUD during the Romulan battle identifies the first Valkyrie under attack as Valkyrie 1, normally reserved for the squadron leader. Played by Erica Deonne.
Allwood, Valkyrie 2
No first name is given. Following normal conventions, the second fighter uses the call sign Valkyrie 2. Played by Anthony Korotko.
Ryan Cooper, Valkyrie 3 
later promoted to Lt. He flew as Valkyrie 3 when not flying a solo mission and sometimes used Turret Alpha.
Turner, Valkyrie 4
Frequently served as Cooper's wingman during the Dual missions. No first name is given, played by Matt Morton.
Ensign Nate. Valkyrie 5 
Worf orders Nate and Cooper to serve as gunners for the Typhon. No first name is given, Worf specifically refers to Nate as Ensign. Played by Anna Mac.
Lt Cmdr Worf, Typhon Commanding officer
He also flew lead at the Battle of TDA 34. In this event, Worf would have his own callsign or might take "Valkyrie Leader", and the normal squadron leader would be Valkyrie 1 to avoid confusion.
Typhon Engineer 
The name is taken from the cast, she was credited only as Typhon engineer

Assuming no losses, there are at least 20 other Red Squad pilots for the remaining Valkyries. There would have to be crew and ground staff for the squadron, and not necessarily from Red Squad. (TNG video game: Invasion)

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