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Vall was a male Klingon engineer in the 24th century. Vall was a brilliant scientist with a whiny-sounding voice and meek demeanor that made him seem out of place amongst other warriors. However, Vall passed up the opportunity to work at the Science Institute to instead join the Klingon Defense Force, over the objections of his sister and parents.

In 2375, Lieutenant Vall was selected by the chief engineer of the IKS Gorkon to serve as assistant chief engineer during its shakedown cruise. The original chief died in personal combat, and was replaced by Kurak, who did not appreciate Vall's efforts to improve the ship's systems. Several others of the crew, most notably the ship's second officer, Toq, compared him unfavorably to a Grishnar cat, and earned him the nickname "Grishnar".

During the mission to taD, Vall volunteered for the largely ceremonial position of emperor of taD, which would allow the Klingon Empire to maintain technical control of the government, while allowing the native al'Hmatti greater actual governance. Once installed, however, Vall took an active stance in addressing several of the planets technical issues. (TNG novel: Diplomatic Implausibility)


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