Vice Admiral Vance Haden was a 24th century Human man, a Starfleet Command flag officer based at the starbase on Lya III in the 2360s decade.


In the year 2328, Haden served as the captain of the USS Carthage when the Carthage was host to the Federation mediated Cardassian-Klingon negotiations over the planet of Raknal V. In 2343 the Carthage returned to Raknal V with Haden still serving as captain. It was on this mission that the ship's second officer and chief science officer Ian Andrew Troi was killed. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

By 2366, Haden was Starfleet's liaison officer between the Federation Council and the USS Enterprise-D regarding the defection of Romulan Admiral Jarok. (TNG episode: "The Defector")

The next year, he confirmed to Captain Picard, that Cardassian allegations of a Starfleet starship attacking Cardassian installations were indeed true and that this ship was the USS Phoenix under Benjamin Maxwell. He ordered Picard to stop Maxwell from provoking a new war at all cost. (TNG episode: "The Wounded")

In 2370, Captain Declan Keogh of the USS Odyssey was imagining what the court martial of Major Kira Nerys and Lieutenant Jadzia Dax was going to be like after they disobeyed his direct order and apparently helped the Bajoran terrorist Orta. In Keogh's mind, Admiral Haden served on the tribunal and delivered the guilty verdict. (DS9 - The Brave and the Bold, Book One novella: The Second Artifact)

As of 2380, Haden was in command of Starbase 23, and during this time he assigned Zelik Leybenzon to the USS Enterprise-E. (TNG episode: "Q & A")



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