Chief Petty Officer Vance Hawkins was a human Starfleet officer who served as deputy security chief on the USS da Vinci under security chief Domenica Corsi, Captain David Gold and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in the late 2370s. (SCE/CoE eBook series)

During the da Vinci's travels, Crewman Hawkins gained the reputation of always being the security man to be injured during an operation. However, when the da Vinci lost almost half of her crew (including Hawkins' best friend and fellow security officer, Stephen Drew) during the disaster at Galvan VI in 2376, Hawkins was one of the few da Vinci crewmembers to come through the incident without a scratch. (SCE eBooks: Wildfire, Book 1, Wildfire, Book 2)

In the aftermath of the disaster at Galvan, Hawkins was promoted to Chief Petty Officer and appointed deputy security chief on da Vinci. (SCE eBook: Breakdowns)

Hawkins has been known to be romantically involved with shipmate Carol Abramowitz. (SCE eBook: Failsafe)

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