Vanessa Chandra (died 2246) was a 23rd century human female who lived on the Federation colony world Tarsus IV. She was partially of Indian descent.

By 2246, Chandra was a plant manager at the colony's central power distribution center. Having come up from within the ranks of employees at the plant, Chandra had a hands-on manner, preferring to take care of issues on her own if possible instead of ordering others to do so.

Having been through a bad relationship, she met another woman at a bar in New Anchorage's arts district who had also had been through a bad breakup. The two women began a relationship, and were talking long term plans when the fungal infection hit the colony. Chandra's friend was one of the 4,000 who was murdered by former Governor Adrian Kodos and his followers.

Chandra threw herself in to her work as a way of dealing with her grief. She later died at the plant when it was attacked by Kodos's followers led by Joel Pakaski and Hisayo Fujimura. (DSC novel: Drastic Measures)

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