A Var'hama candle is a ceremonial Klingon candle.

In the Klingon wedding tradition, Var'hama candles are to be molded from the shoulders of three targs killed in the Hamar Mountains on Qo'noS and displayed by the individual to the female head of the Great House they are marrying into. In 2374, Jadzia Dax used replicated Var'hama candles which Sirella was not pleased with. (DS9 episode: "You Are Cordially Invited")

Var'hama candles are often sold on the streets of the First City of Qo'noS, with those selling them claiming that they had been made by the mistresses of Emperor Todokh. (DS9 - The Left Hand of Destiny novel: Book One)

In 2376, real Var'hama candles were used prior to the wedding of Esther Silver and Khor. (SCE eBook: Creative Couplings, Book 2)

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