Varna was a holographic program and a character in the Vulcan Love Slave program in the early 25th century. She was interactive and maybe sentient but her programming was limited. (STO mission: "Muso System Patrol")

Fictional biography[edit | edit source]

Varna was a female Vulcan love slave native to planet Vulcan. Her location in the program were the Pon Farr pits but she would also suggest strolling along the shore of the Voroth Sea, where she knew of a secluded cave to escape the midday sun.

Varna found trying to suppress her emotions difficult because the 'Master' (the customer using the program) aroused passion in her. Her desire was to please her customer. Failing that saddened Varna. (STO mission: "Muso System Patrol")

History[edit | edit source]

In 2409, holonovel merchant Rivv Enda, a Photonic lifeform himself, owned an uncut copy of the program and was unwilling to sell it to DaiMon Broxx. While Broxx saw this copy of the Vulcan Love Slave as a valuable computer program, Enda regarded Varna as a sentient if limited being and asked for her to be treated well. A Starfleet away team facilitated the trade between Broxx and Enda when they convinced the hologram merchant of their respect for Varna by activating her in the Muso Prime market and having a conversation with the love slave. (STO mission: "Muso System Patrol")

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