Senator Varyet was a 24th century Romulan woman, a member of the Imperial Romulan Senate by the time of the Dominion War in the 2370s decade.


In the year 2374, she had a meeting with her distant relative Ruanek. (ST - Tales of the Dominion War short story: "Blood Sacrifice")

Her son and aide-de-camp was Delnek, who went on the front lines during the war where his life was saved by the Reman soldier Mekrikuk. His actions resulted in Mekrikuk being accepted into the Senators household where he was given an unprecedented amount of freedom, as long as he remembered his place as a slave in public.

Varyet was known to have been a progressive politician who championed the cause of the downtrodden provincinal races of the Romulan Star Empire. Her life and that of her son would be cut short during the coup instigated by Shinzon of Remus which resulted in their death as well as the death of the majority of the Senate itself. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)


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