The Vea-Shol module was a large, floating artificial habitat, one of hundreds making up the Web of Worlds in the First Federation. It was located within the atmosphere of the class J gas giant Cherela, a planet in the Bogosrin system in the Alpha or Beta Quadrant of the galaxy.

History and specfics[edit | edit source]

It was a domed module approximately 1,000 km wide and supported a mixed population including Bogosrin and Linnik. The design was largely urban, packed with skyscrapers varying from 40 to 100 stories tall, honeycombed by city streets. A control center managed the artificial gravity system which kept the module afloat in the atmosphere, powered by the planet's massive electromagnetic field.

In 2269, during an orbital bombardment by Dassik ships, Spock and Nyota Uhura conceived the idea of using the antigravity systems to shift the planet's radiation belts as a means of disabling the Dassik. To do that, a series of transmitters needed to be placed on modules throughout the Web of Worlds to help remotely control the shape of the electromagnetic field. Hikaru Sulu and Aluu Ne-Kewii were dispatched to set up the transmitter on the Vea-Shol module.

While they were there, a Dassik fusion bomb ruptured the top of the dome, allowing high-pressure hydrogen and methane inside, where it immediately ignited with module's oxygen to fill the sky with blue flame. Before long, flames descended to the tops of the towers. As buildings started to burn, emergency transporters began evacuating the population. Sulu and Ne-Kewii were able to place the transmitter at the control center before evacuating. (TOS novel: The Face of the Unknown)

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