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From the back cover: Like a strand of mutating DNA, a deadly conspiracy winds its way through the entire Alpha Quadrant, just as it stretches across several years of Starfleet history -- even to the Cardassian space station that will someday be known as Deep Space Nine.

A virulent plague has stricken Terok Nor, striking down both the enslaved Bajorans and their Cardassian oppressors, who blame each other for the growing epidemic. Dr. Katherine Pulaski, late of the Starship Enterprise, must work with the tyrannical Gul Dukat, as well as a rebel spy named Kira Nerys, to discover the true source of the infection that threatens them all!



Cadema HyleChamarCordaBeverly CrusherWesley CrusherDataDukatFicen DobatGel KynledThe GeneralEdgar GovernoJaviKellec TonKira NerysGeordi La ForgeLinitCrystal MarvigNaratNogOdoAlyssa OgawaJean-Luc PicardKatherine PulaskiQuarkRashanWill RikerRomUSS Enterprise-D personnel (unnamed USS Enterprise-D personnel)
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Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock HolmesIshkaPrinadoraShakaar EdonDeanna Troi


BajorDeep Space 5PromenadeQuark'sTerok Nor
Referenced only 
Archaria IIICardassiaFerenginarVulcan

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USS Enterprise-D (Galaxy-class)

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Bajoran ResistanceCardassian Central CommandCardassian UnionObsidian OrderStarfleetStarfleet MedicalUnited Federation of Planets

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Archaria virusbiobedBlack plaguecommunicatorholodeckholosuitehyposprayNausicaan wort virusorbitphaser pistolprionquarantine fieldTriferian fluuridium

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dabo girldoctorgul

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bloodwinecoffeedaboDivine TreasuryearbrushEarl GreyFerengi Rules of AcquisitionGamzian wineItharian moléJibetian beerlatinummarriage contractmartiniMoba fruit juiceMoogienapkinrokassa juiceRomulan aleSaurian brandySherlock Holmes Program 3Ateatube grubVisscus vodkavodka

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  • The Double Helix series was a Next Generation storyline that featured each installment crossing over with another franchise series. Vectors in particular crossed TNG with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.



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