The Velidon was a civilian starship active in the late 24th century. The vessel was of an older design, with the most prominent example of this being baffle plates as part of its design.

In the year 2385, the Bajoran Ohalavaru member Nelish Stoat piloted the Vellidon to Bajor's first moon Endalla, where one of the baffle plates failed. The crew of the Federation Starfleet runabout USS Tecyr were able to tractor beam the vessel to the surface of Endalla, where Nelish left the Vellidon. The vessel was later destroyed when another baffle plate exploded and caused a cascade reaction. The Deep Space 9 crew later discovered that the incident with the Vellidon was not an accident and that the Ohalavaru had likely rigged the baffle plates to fail as part of their plans on Endalla. (DS9 novel: Sacraments of Fire)

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