Velok Dekreny was a male Cardassian gang leader in North Torr of Cardassia City with hidden connections to the True Way. He had maintained control over substantial sections of the district since before the Dominion War. His chief base of operations in August 2385 was a geleta bar in the district, where he administered his gang. He wore expensive suits and displayed on the table in front of him several state-of-the-art communication devices. His gang punished liberal members of the district, ran protection rackets and agitated for conservative, militaristic values. Most notably the gang was connected to the assassination of Nanietta Bacco, a claim overheard by Ravel Dygan whilst he was infiltrating the gang for Ambassador Elim Garak.

He had a long-standing grudge with Inspector Arati Mhevet of the Constabulary, who had been running a longform operation against him. In the constabulary, his principal agent was the young, ambitious Tret Fereny. Together with Colak, his chief enforcer, Fereny was blackmailing a Bajoran Starfleet officer, Aleyni Cam, over his marriage to a Cardassian. They had planned something with a 'bang' at the Headquarters of the Allied Reconstruction Forces in Cardassia City. However Aleyni resisted and was murdered in August 2385.

To Fereny, Dekreny was a better alternative to Mhevet's new patron, Ambassador Elim Garak. The young constable, and others from North Torr of the same values, appreciated the xenophobic and isolationist rhetoric of the Dekreny gang.

“They stand for a better Cardassia!” he burst out. “One that doesn’t humiliate itself by trying to win the favor of humans, Ferengi, and Klingons! One that will be strong again, better for all of us—”

It is not clear if Dekreny was arrested for his involvement with Aleyni's murder, or the murder of President Bacco. (ST - The Fall novel: The Crimson Shadow)

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