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Vendor, or Vendoria, was the home planet of the Vendorians. (TAS episode & novelization: The Survivor) It was the second planet of the Vendor system in the Vendor sector in the Beta Quadrant, within the Romulan Star Empire. (ST reference: Star Charts, ST video game: Star Trek Online)

The episode of "The Survivor" names the world "Vendor," while the novelization uses both "Vendor" and "Vendoria."

As the Vendorians were deemed by the Federation to be still psychologically unfit for involvement in the interstellar community, due to their practice of deception and shapeshifting, Vendor was quarantined. Several treaties between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire since 2161 also proscribed it. Landings there were illegal, and it was forbidden to use its people as spies.

With the Vendorians's apparent lack of space travel (see Carter Winston's stranding, below) and statement of "still" being unfit, the quarantine may be a Prime Directive–based quarantine. The episode implies that the treaty was the First Algeron Treaty, which established the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2161; the novelization, however, says a "number of treaties."

But throughout the 2260s, the Romulans were making regular secret visits to Vendoria with offers of alliance. The Vendorians had no interest in this; they had little reason to work for them, and the Romulans had nothing to offer them. However, the Romulans could offer new lives to Vendorian outcasts, such as the one who posed as Carter Winston in 2269.

In 2264, the famous human trader and philanthropist Carter Winston had crash-landed his ship on Vendoria after suffering meteor damage and lacking any alternative world to land on. He was badly injured, but Vendorian surgeons healed him and he lived marooned on their world for some time before finally succumbing to his injuries and dying. (TAS episode & Log Two novelization: The Survivor)

The Federation initiated a strict quarantine of the planet in 2269 because of the inhabitants's shape-shifting capabilities and potential for spying. (ST website:

The episode says that Winston lived for almost one year, while the novelization says he lived for almost four years.



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