The Venetans were a collective of several long-lived humanoid species that inhabited the three systems of the Venette Convention. The physical aspects varied depending on the race, with heights that could range from petite to imposing, and at least two had fur.

The Venetans shared a distinctive ancient and venerable culture that valued moderation and tolerance and placed great emphasis on cooperation and mutual respect. They were also deeply proud of their enduring and successful way of life. Their society was very stable and achieved that stability through a certain degree of conformism on the part of their members rather than through encouraging individualism. This made their culture more similar to the Tzenkethi than to other societies like the United Federation of Planets.

They had a completely open society, with honesty going a long way for them, and they expected non-Venetans to be open with them in return. Every citizen was allowed to know what was going on, and meetings of importance, which would have been private in other societies, were open for the public to watch and record, with cameras letting other members know what was happening. Ideas such as spying and espionage came as a complete shock to them, given their isolationist and stable society. Being a peaceful society, they had no military to speak of. Items of Venetan design emphasizing concord between natural and artificial elements, with their space station outposts a good example of this.

As a cadet, Beverly Crusher visited the Venette Convention when the Venetans were in the early stages of establishing links to the Federation, which would have led to admission into the Federation. All of that changed when the Dominion War broke out, followed by the Borg Invasion of 2381, leaving the Venetans forgotten. This led the Venetans to feel snubbed and neglected by the Federation. Their society became noticed again in 2383 when they announced their new trading agreement with the Tzenkethi Coalition. This left the Federation scrambling to reestablish links to the Convention and to keep the Tzenkethi from gaining a possible advantage to attack the Federation, Ferengi, and Cardassian borders from three bases that the Venetans gave them. After complications of mistrust on all sides, including bomb threats and blockades, proof that the Tzenkethi weren't as trustful as the Venetans first thought led to the cease of all hostilities. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Brinkmanship)

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