Venton Scoggins was a member of Starfleet Security who served as Chief of Security on the USS Seeker in the 2350s. He had over 20 years of experience in Starfleet.

Circa 2358, the Seeker was on a mission to smash an Orion cartel operating on a number of outer Federation planets. On Twenginian, Scoggins led an away team to drive Orions out of a hideout, but was unable to get to his assistant, Darryl Adin, in time to save him from being injured. Adin's back was broken, but the spinal cord was undamaged, and he recovered in a month. Reports found nothing wrong with Scoggins's conduct but nevertheless, he felt responsible.

On the next stage of the mission, Scoggins assigned Adin to lead a rescue of over 200 Federation citizens from Orion slavery on Conquiidor.

Afterwards, Scoggins tendered his resignation from Starfleet and retired with full honors. Cadet Tasha Yar suspected this was so no more people could be injured under his command. (TNG novel: Survivors)

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