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The Venture was a Bajoran shuttle, built circa 2356. The shuttlecraft was once owned by a humanoid gambler, however she made some poor investments in the Dominion War and was forced to auction her assets. The unregistered craft was bought by Quark.

Service history[]

In April 2376, Jake Sisko purchased the Venture off of Quark, along with a temporary registration license, so that he could travel into the Bajoran wormhole in the hope of fulfilling Ohalu's prophecy of the Avatar and bring his father back from his time with the Prophets. Jake told his friends and family he would actually be travelling to Earth on the vessel to visit his grandfather and departed Deep Space 9 on a course for Earth to cover his tracks. However, he quickly doubled back using the wreckage of the USS Aldebaran and the sensor distorting radiation field around it to cover his approach to the wormhole. After three days sitting inside the wormhole nothing had happened and Jake was ready to give up. But, as he set a course back to Deep Space 9, some sort of energy pushed him towards the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the wormhole. (DS9 - Avatar novels: Book One, Book Two)

Jake woke up to find the Venture's systems dead. He recorded a message for whoever found his body as he began to freeze to death. Fortunately he was rescued by a passing starship, the Even Odds. The Venture was not so lucky as the force in the wormhole damaged the shuttles systems beyond repair when it was thrown almost a hundred parsecs into the Gamma Quadrant. At last report, the Venture was still aboard the Even Odds. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)


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