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The Venturi are a scaly, pink-skinned, mercantile reptilian humanoid race with clawed hands. They are one of the oldest and most honored civilizations in the Federation. When their star, Alpha Venturi Major, began to cool and contract, the effect on their home planet was devastating. As the oceans and soil died, the Federation mounted a large scale effort to relocate the planet's population. However, most Venturi did not want to leave, and believed the Federation was not doing enough. Several have turned to piracy to pay for the aid they believe they require. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy)

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The Venturi were created for the various "Starfleet Academy" games, and served as the most common enemy. The makeup designed for the computer version's cut scenes was also used on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: (DS9 episode: "A Simple Investigation" and DS9 episode: "His Way"), and Star Trek: Voyager: (VOY episode: "Infinite Regress"), although the name of the race was never mentioned, leaving the Venturi name non-canon.

The SNES and Sega 32X game "Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge Simulator" described the Venturi as specializing in trading with some turning to piracy due to bad economic conditions. Their appearance was described as having rough, grey skin and horny protrusions on their faces, while their appearance in the computer game Starfleet Academy has them with pink scaly skin. The change was possibly because the Jem'Hadar, which were introduced after the console games were released, fit the original description too much.

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