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Venus (or Sol II) was a planet located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant, the second planet in orbit of the Sol star system in sector 001, at coordinates 2.09S 5.26W. Due to the presence of large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the surface temperature was over 700°K, with an extremely high atmospheric pressure.


In the 23rd century, despite the harsh climate, Venus was home to a Human agricultural colony and a Federation shipyard. By reference stardate 2/2306.01, the world had a population of 2.57 billion individuals, mostly Human, and the government was a full-status colonial member of the Federation. (FASA RPG module: The Federation; ST reference: Star Charts)

In the 2260s, a research depot on Venus designed the metal mob, robot prototypes built to conduct exterior maintenance on Federation starships. Nearly two dozen were provided to Starfleet for use aboard the USS Enterprise. The robots were to be returned to the depot at the conclusion of the test. (TOS comic: "Thorpex")

By the 24th century, efforts were underway to fully terraform the planet. Several terraforming stations were established on the surface. (DS9 episode: "Past Tense")

Project Ishtar and Doctor Pascal Saadya oversaw the terraforming efforts. (SCE eBook: Ishtar Rising)

The Aphrodite Terraforming Station orbited Venus. (ST reference: Star Charts)



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