Vera DiMarco was a female Human who served as captain of the USS Bold Venture in the 2270s.




Captain Vera DiMarco was a former Starfleet Academy student of James T. Kirk. Kirk described her as unusually aggressive and competitive. McCoy compared her to a Dalgorian water viper. Kirk and DiMarco had dinner together at Starfleet Command Headquarters the night before their ships were to compete in a rally-style race. DiMarco tried to get Kirk to reveal weaknesses to the Enterprise from a recent battle with Kzinti. She confessed to having had a crush on him.

The race pitted her ship against five others to celebrate the birthday of Admiral Heihachiro Nogura. As the racers traveled to a checkpoint to open a sealed race assignment, she and her crew risked disqualification to break the seal prematurely. When another ship transmitted a distress call, she ignored it to focus on the race. The assignment was to retrieve a small reptile, which she did, but she discovered it to be telepathic, and felt they had kidnapped it.


DiMarco took out a pirate

Now suspicious, DiMarco changed her mind about the race, diverting Bold Venture to aid the Enterprise. She beamed aboard a pirate vessel and helped rescued the cadets who organized the race. Her first officer said the race had changed her, that she wasn’t usually “heroic.” After taking care of the pirates, Bold Venture and Enterprise raced head to head to the finish line, with the Enterprise crossing just ahead of Bold Venture. Afterward, Kirk bought Vera dinner in Chinatown. (TOS comic: "The Nogura Regatta")

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