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Verant was a female Starfleet officer serving aboard the USS Enterprise-B in the early 24th century.


Ensign rank pin

In the year 2311, Ensign Verant served as a tactical officer and relief helmsman aboard the Enterprise. She took over the helm while Lieutenant Commander Xintal Linojj was in command of the ship during a mission to Koltaari. (TLE novel: Serpents Among the Ruins)

Lieutenant rank pin

By 2319, Verant had transferred to engineering and been promoted to the rank of lieutenant.

Still an accomplished pilot, she flew the class H shuttlecraft Pytheas to a trans-dimensional portal on the surface of Rejarris II, through which Captain Demora Sulu and Ensigns Hawkins Young and Galatea Kostas had been stranded. Verant was transported back to the Enterprise before the shuttle reached the portal, and Pytheas continued through it on autopilot. She later piloted the Shintral during the recovery of the portal from the planet and into orbit. (TLE novel: One Constant Star)


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