Gul Verden was the commander of a long-term Cardassian social engineering operation on the planet of Megara who had been surgically altered to appear as one of the planet's natives. In this capacity he served as an "advisor" to the planet's nominal political leader, Vo Gatyn, but in truth he functioned more like her puppetmaster. He also served as the point of contact for DaiMon Chudak, the Ferengi captain whose services he used to do most of the "dirty work" involved in undercutting Megaran society.

Verden was a ruthless man with no qualms about creating mass social upheaval and suffering in order to accomplish the aims of the Cardassian Union. At the same time, he was also extremely loyal to the designs of his superiors. Perhaps due to the extremely long-term nature of the mission--over a decade without any contact with Cardassia, Verden was required to draw most of his tactical responses from a set of pre-created orders. Though many commanders would have found this stifling, Verden complied without complaint, believing this a method of demonstrating his worthiness to his men. (TNG novel: Debtors' Planet)

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