Verin Kolek was a male Bajoran politician in the early 24th century. As of 2318, he was the representative from Bajor's Lonar Province to the Chamber of Ministers, as well as First Minister.

In 2318, he was part of the Bajoran delegation which received the first Cardassians to visit Bajor. An isolationist, Verin rejected the overtures for an alliance with the Cardassian Union, and opposed a proposal by Kai Meressa to allow for the establishment of an enclave for members of the Oralian Way near Korto.

Verin was ousted from office in a landslide vote sometime before 2323, and succeeded by Lale Usbor. (DS9 - Terok Nor novel: Day of the Vipers)

First Ministers of the Third Republic of Bajor
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