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The Verity was a Federation transport in service to Regulus Passenger Lines in the 24th century.

In 2366, on Stardate 43021.5, the Verity was reported lost in the Regulus sector along with all 38 people on board. Among the crew were the male Bolian captain Falvin Dor, female Caitian pilot M'grash and male Ithenite chief engineer Vorlis Klega. The passengers included physicist Doctor Wataru Takizawa and archaeologist Teresa Garcia who was going to the Regulus III Science Academy.

Fifteen years, two months, and four days later, in 2381, she reappeared having been displaced in time by a cosmic string Kerr loop. The passengers and crew elected to travel back in time through the anomaly, but were thwarted when Garcia sabotaged the Verity's engines.

The ship, crew and passengers were held in the Regulus system until they could be intercepted by the USS Everett, nearly two days later on March 12, 2381. The Everett, attached to the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations, transported DTI agents Marion Dulmur and Gariff Lucsly, who debriefed the passengers and crew. (DTI novel: Watching the Clock)

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