Veronica Hall was a female human Starfleet officer in the mid-23rd century.

Born in Minnesota circa 2227, at age sixteen (~2243) she injured herself while disobeying her parents, and then tried to conceal the injury so that her misbehavior would not be exposed. Her wound became infected and turned septic, and when she finally collapsed from fever she was in an isolated location and was not found for several days. Once under proper treatment she recovered, but the delay and infection required the amputation of her right arm below the elbow. A mechanical prosthesis restored partial function to the limb.

Treating this experience as a "wake-up call", Hall became much more serious about her studies and her future. She applied to and was accepted by Starfleet Academy, and passed all the physical tests even without the use of her artificial hand.

Following the Academy (circa 2248) she was posted to the USS Enterprise as a communications officer, in time earning a bridge post in that position.

In 2249 Hall was grievously injured protecting a civilian passenger from a coolant leak aboard their liaison cutter, which had been attacked by a pirate vessel. She suffered severe frost burns, lost her right eye, much of the rest of her right arm, and had substantial damage to her right leg. Even with such injuries, once given first aid and medication to dull the pain, Hall continued to help her comrades extricate themselves from their dire situation, even if only through a few suggestions, one was to use her right hand as a clamp and maintaining a good humor.

Once rescued by the Enterprise, Hall survived and recovered as much as 23rd century medicine would permit from such injuries. (TOS novel: Best Destiny)

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