Verterium cortenide is a dense composite material that was used to construct the inner layer of the warp coils of Federation starships in the 24th century. Verterium cortenide is a composite of polysilicate verterium and monocrystal cortenum.

In 2372, the USS Voyager was forced to obtain some replacement verterium cortenide after Michael Jonas sabotaged the ship's magnetic constrictors, which forced Voyager to vent plasma in order to avoid a warp core breach, and in turn burned out all the verterium cortenide lining the nacelles. (VOY episodes: "Lifesigns", "Investigations")

In 2386, David Steiner transported some vertertium cortenide to Gila IV as he knew the Gorn needed it and would pay a premium price for it. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

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