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Vesper II was the second planet in the Vesper system and home to an unaligned Human colony since 2327. The planet was an Earth-like class M world. By 2409, Vesper II's population numbered 6.7 million people. Vesper II had a single rocky natural satellite.


Vesper II was colonized in 2327 by Human settlers but did not join the Federation. Application for membership was considered by the Vesperan govnerment after the Dominion War but the plan was put on indefinite hold when hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon Empire led to war in the lat 24th century.

In 2409, Starfleet dispatched a vessel to analyse readings found on asteroids near Vesper II on behalf of the Vulcan Science Academy. These asteroids provided a base for Nausicaan raiders. Starfleet eliminated the Nausicaans but found no new elements in the system. In spite of that, the scans were useful for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. (STO mission: "Vesper System Patrol")

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