Vessel 6474 was a Jem'Hadar battlecruiser active in the early 25th century under the command of the Vorta Eraun. (STO missions: "Operation Gamma", "Facility 4028", "Boldly They Rode")


In 2409 6474 was contacted by an Alpha Quadrant starship in hopes of getting the Dominion to order First Kar'ukan and Loriss to stand down from their occupation of Deep Space 9. Eraun agreed in exchange for Starfleet handing over the female Changeling. (STO mission: "Operation Gamma")

The vessel traveled through the Bajoran wormhole and followed the starship to Facility 4028 to retrieve the Founder. The prison came under attack by Kar'ukan's forces, also seeking the Founder, and the ship beamed down Gamma Jem'Hadar to help fight them off. Starfleet reinforcements arrived and the ships were able to escape. (STO mission: "Facility 4028")

The two ships rendezvoused near DS9 while Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force assembled a fleet to retake the station. Kar'ukan refused to surrender and the Alpha Quadrant captain borrowed an environmental suit and spacewalked onto the space station's hull to infiltrate the station and surgically eliminate him. After Kar'ukan was killed, all the Dominion forces including 6474 returned to the Gamma Quadrant. (STO mission: "Boldly They Rode")


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Star Trek Online refers to this ship's class as a Jem'Hadar battleship, while the ship that appeared in the DS9 episode "Valiant" is designated a Jem'Hadar dreadnought carrier. We have chosen to use the preexisting class name for this article instead.


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