Vesuvi VI, also known as the Haven colony, was the sixth planet of the Vesuvi system. Rich in mineral resources, it was terraformed and then colonized by the Federation. The colony was led by Director Toban Soams, and supported by the Haven Facility, a station in orbit.

In 2378, the Vesuvi star was destroyed by a Kessok Solarformer, an incident known as the Vesuvi event. The event destroyed the inner four planets, and while both Haven and the Geki colony survived, they did not escape the effects of the sun's destruction unscathed. Both colonies sustained casualties and infastructure damage, and Haven Facility was also badly damaged during the event. To make matters worse, debris from the inner worlds settled into orbit around Haven, blocking incoming relief ships.

The Galaxy-class USS Dauntless was sent to Haven with supplies and relief teams. After quickly clearing the debris, and then intercepting and destroying more debris on a collision course with the planet, the Dauntless beamed down supplies and relief teams. (TNG video game: Bridge Commander)

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