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Doctor Vi Hyunh-Foertsch was an exobiologist and personal friend of Admiral Reddreck in the 24th century. She worked on Morassia cataloging local species for the Federation Zoological Database for a 4-year tenure and also advise the Preserve caretakers.

While taking residence on Morassia, she was less than famous, disagreeing openly with the Morassian philosophy and methods. Vi accused Constable Lliksze of smuggling over a akaana boar, banned from import, being tagged as a Frednorean boar. She claimed that Lliksze wished to damage the planet's chances for Federation membership.

Midway through her tenure, in 2365, Vi failed to report to her sector supervisor and respond to calls after packing for a field trip. She was carrying a backpack with 4 fieldsuits, hygiene kit, bioprobe, cryostabilizer kit and fieldwork boots. With Reddreck being a little worried, Lliksze told him that she perhaps went on a field trip. Not satisfied with her response, he contacted Jean-Luc Picard to investigate. (TNG video game: A Final Unity)

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