The Vians were a civilization of humanoid lifeforms who lived on a planet in the Minara star system until the primary star went supernova in the year 2268.


In the year 2268, the star Minara was close to going nova. The Federation starship USS Enterprise entered the system to evacuate a scientific outpost studying the event. An Enterprise landing party discovered the outpost abandoned. Taking advantage of the confusion, the Vians captured Captain Kirk, Mister Spock, and Doctor McCoy and subjected them to tests as part of a bizarre plan to provoke an instinct for self-sacrifice in Gem, an Anjurwan individual. In testing the Anjurwan, the Vians had decided to only save the species from the nova blast if the species demonstrated its worth. Indeed, there were others in the system that they would not be able to save based on their decision. The Vians were eventually persuaded to release the Enterprise captives after being convinced that the Starfleet crew did not deserve to be sacrificed because they, too, possesses a strong benevolent sense of self-sacrifice. The Anjurwan were saved and transported to a far corner of the galaxy.


The Vians have humanoid features, with gray skin large, hairless that feature several prominent ridges. The gray-skinned Vians will wear flowing robes of a metal-flecked fabric, and are immune to the Vulcan nerve pinch. Vians rely heavily on the multitude of functions of their energy transfer device.

The Vians had a technological capability greater that the Federation when they made first contact in the 23rd century. Without too many external signs of such advancement, the Vians could transport the entire inhabitation of one planet across interstellar distances. They also could manipulate the minds of humanoids, creating illusions based on an individuals memories or expectations.

The energy transfer devices responded only to the thoughts of one owner, and could only be adjusted another thought pattern with some degree of difficulty. The device could facilitate instantaneous matter transportation, create environmental alterations, warp the fabric of time, perform medical procedures, and generate an emotion-sensitive force field. Spock, in particular, was able to manage his mental state to such a degree that the force field ignored him. He theorized that the energy transfer device was linked to a remote energy source. (TOS episode & novelization: The Empath)

It is not known which of the system's planets the Vians originated on.

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