Vicenzo Farrenga was a Human man in the 24th century.


He was born on Cestus III, the son of the general manager of the Palombo Sehlats of the Cestus Baseball League. It was during a game against the Port Shangri-La Seagulls that he met Miranda Kadohata, who he would eventually marry. Together, they had three children -- Aoki, Colin, and Sylvana. Also included in his family was a "loony cousin" named Frederico (or Fred for short).

Farrenga was a professor of ancient linguistics at Bacco University on Cestus III, where he worked under Ian Karapips along with three other women -- Esmeralda, Bridget, and Jenni. (TNG novel: Q & A)

During the Borg Invasion of 2381, Miranda contacted her husband and covertly tried to tell him to leave Cestus III, using Judi and Adams as a veiled signal, as Starfleet officers were prohibited from discussing intelligence over an open subspace communications channel. (Star Trek: Destiny novel: Mere Mortals) Based on her urgings, they did flee the planet, and got as far as Pacifica before the Borg threat was ended, after which they returned to Cestus III. Vicenzo was able to browbeat his cousin Frederico into picking them up from the star port and driving them back to their lakeside house. As they arrived, Aoki bounded from the pod and the twins were fussing, so Fred suggested he take the children inside while he got the bags. Miranda was waiting for them, and greeted them warmly, leading Vicenzo to comment that it was now good to be home. (Star Trek: Destiny novel: Lost Souls)

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