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Victoria "Vickie" Leigh was a female Human in the 23rd century and was a friend and classmate of James T. Kirk.


Leigh went to Starfleet Academy at the same time as Jim Kirk. She was just a friend of Kirk's, since he had his heart set on a skinny blonde computer whiz, Carol Marcus.

She and Kirk graduated and shipped out together aboard the USS Farragut in 2254. During her time aboard the Farragut, Leigh was convinced by Kirk to marry the Pilkoran Tred Kegin of Pilkor III, when he joined the crew for a three-month tour of duty aboard the Farragut. Leigh, Kirk and Kegin thought they would stay in Starfleet, but then a change of leadership happened on Pilkor III, and Kegin was forced to return home. Before he left the Farragut, Captain Garrovick married Leigh and Kegin. Following the wedding, Leigh then resigned her commission and went with Kegin to Pilkor III in 2257.

She and Kegin were married for almost thirty years, with Leigh helping her husband have his world join the Federation. However, Kegin apparently died in 2287 and Vicki sought help from Kirk at their class reunion.

Leigh then convinced Kirk to become her husband and Kegin's heir. She took Kirk to Pilkor III to meet with Minister Pitkemeni of the Legal Affairs Ministry. (TOS comics: "Class Reunion", "Secrets")


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