Vikr'l Prison was a location on Romulus where individuals were locked away for crimes against the Romulan Star Empire.

After Shinzon of Remus's death, numerous Remans were rounded up at the prison where they were interrogated and left to rot within the dark regions of Vikr'l. The Romulan guards were known for acts for cruelty against the captives using Xecin to ward off the prisoners. The dark warrens was filled with Remans who were starved and abused with rebellious prisoners taken away where it was rumoured that they were reprocessed as food and served to the other prisoners in order to force them into further acts of degradation by subjecting them to possible cannibalism.

In order to survive, many of the Remans became quite vicious with mobs surrounding the stronger members who would protect their group from the predations of the other packs. Many of the Remans would let their captivity to dull their senses and skill.

During Tuvok's infiltration on Romulus, he was captured during Shinzon's uprising and tortured after which he was left in Vikr'l Prison. There he worked with the Reman Mekrikuk and other Remans to stage a rebellion to escape the confines of the prison. (TTN novel: Taking Wing)



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