Vilix'pran was a male individual in Starfleet who served aboard Deep Space 9 in the 2370s. He was a member of a winged species whose male population gave birth to offspring through budding. By 2373, he was the father of at least six children.

In 2371, Vilix'pran was pregnant with twins. Miles O'Brien was to build him a hatchling pond for his children and Julian Bashir had ordered baby clothes from Elim Garak. Benjamin Sisko planned to get Vilix'pran something as well. (DS9 episode: "Heart of Stone")

In early 2373, Vilix'pran was budding again. Doctor Bashir estimated he could have between eight and eighteen hatchlings in this litter. Vilix'pran was to request larger quarters from Kira Nerys in preparation for his growing family. (DS9 episode: "Apocalypse Rising")

Jake Sisko had babysat for Vilix'pran several times, ensuring that the children's wings did not get tangled. (DS9 episode: "Business as Usual")

During one of the times he babysat for Vilix'pran, Jake accidentally stood on a hard-ridged toy belonging to one of the children. (DS9 novel: Rising Son)

In 2376, when Bashir mentioned to Ethan Locken that he didn't have much use for obstetrics on Deep Space 9, Locken mentioned to him the cases of Vilix'pran, Kira and Kasidy Yates. (DS9 - Section 31 novel: Abyss)

The character of Geren'zrix in The Future Begins is of the same species as Vilix'pran. [1]

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