Vimok was an exomale Jelna native to Rigel V. In the early 25th century, Vimok served as Rigel V's ambassador to the Federation. Vimok was a spiritual man. Except for a topknot, he was bald. (STO mission: "Trade Deal")


In 2409, Ambassador Vimok represented Rigel V in negotiations with the Deferi and the Ferengi Alliance at Starbase 39-Sierra. The negotiations were mediated by Lieutenant Commander Brocal, who was out of her depth and required the assistance of another Starfleet officer to find a solution for the disputes between Ambassadors Vimok of Rigel, Ulish of the Ferengi and Surah of the Deferi. The Rigelians possessed tissue regenerators in abundance, which the Federation was in need off. Vimok found Ferengi ambassador Ulish distrustful. Eventually, Starfleet negotiated a mutually acceptable agreement between the three ambassadors. In exchange for the tissue regenerators, Vimok received a planet ripe for colonization and near the Beta Rigel system from the Deferi. (STO mission: "Trade Deal")



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