Vin Asunder was a Human male of the 24th century. He was a former pirate who became a Starfleet lieutenant on the USS Incursion.

Asunder was the son of a Chinese mother and an English father and left his home to join a band of Orion pirates. With the Orions, Vin learned to handle various weapons and design explosives, and his skills allowed the pirates to make ambitious raids on well-shielded cargo ships. His life as a pirate came to an end when a Federation starship interrupted a raid. After refusing to fire on Starfleet personnel, Asunder was captured and placed in a Federation prison.

After years of rehabilitation, Vin entered Starfleet Academy, sharing his martial arts skills and soon became the leader of his squadron. Following graduation, Vin served on many starships and became a highly experienced officer and explosives expert. Rising to the rank of lieutenant, he served aboard the USS Incursion as a security officer in 2377.

Vin was a somewhat superstitious individual. He had a pet tribble named Spike whom he took on all away missions, believing the animal brought him luck and prevented him from becoming the "redshirt." (TNG video game: Away Team)

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