The Vinca class was a tow barge starship class used by the Cardassians in the 24th century. They were often used near Bajor.

The Cardassians used them to tow damaged vessels to maintenance yards with magnitude-four tractor beams, although they became obsolete after the Cardassian Union began to vaporize ships and used ramscoops to collect the useful and prized materials from the wreckage. Most of the Vinca class were scrapped, although some were sold on the black market. Kira Nerys once spent a year and a half on a Vinca class barge.

By the early 2370s, Pak Dorren and her resistance cell had obtained a Vinca class barge and used it to tractor the USS Rio Grande in 2371. Using her experience from serving on a Vinca class vessel, Kira Nerys was able to disrupt the tractor beam and escape from Pak's ships. (DS9 novel: Time's Enemy)

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