This character is a member of Shar's family.

Vindizhei sh'Rraazh or Dizhei was an Andorian shen. Dizhei was in a bondgroup with Anichent, Shar and Thriss who affectionately called Dizhei sh'za.

Dizhei with Thriss and Anichent travelled to Deep Space 9 in June of 2376 to try and convince Shar to return to Andor. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: Twilight)

Dizhei is one of the strongest members of her bondgroup, emotionally. She feels responsible for the Whole and their wellbeing and part of that responsibility is keeping them together and covering over any cracks in the bond. It falls to Dizhei to smooth over disagreements between Thriss and Anichent. It was Dizhei who first realised that Shar and Thriss had shared Tezha, but out of love for her bondmates and her sense of duty, Dizhei chose to overlook their transgressions. (DS9 - Mission Gamma novel: This Gray Spirit)

Dizhei and Anichent departed DS9 in September shortly after Shar's return from the Gamma Quadrant to try and find replacements for Thriss and Shar in their bondgroup on Andor. (DS9 novel: Unity)


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