Sisko and Garak wearing virtual scanner headsets.

The displayed image of a headset.

A virtual scanner headset was a device with a virtual sensor display that was used by the Dominion which enabled them to see outside the vessel they were on without the need for a viewscreen. Aboard Dominion vessels, only the Jem'Hadar First and the Vorta commander wore the headsets. (DS9 episode: "The Ship", DS9 - The Dominion War novelization: Call to Arms...)

Skrain Dukat used a virtual scanner headset during the Dominion attack on Deep Space 9 at the start of the Dominion War. Three months later, Elim Garak, having seen Dukat wear such a headset, offered to stand in for Benjamin Sisko during the mission to destroy a ketracel-white facility. The headset, which had had given Sisko headaches, was described by Garak as "like having a viewscreen inside your brain". (DS9 episodes: "Call to Arms", "A Time to Stand", "Rocks and Shoals")

Garak would later wear a virtual scanner headset again in 2375. Kira Nerys wore a virtual scanner headset during the mission to obtain a Breen energy dampening weapon from a Jem'Hadar warship docked at the Kelvas repair facility. (DS9 episodes: "Tacking Into the Wind", "The Dogs of War")

Odo and Weyoun wore virtual scanner headsets aboard Jem'Hadar Attack Vessel 971 in 2376. (DS9 - Worlds of DS9 novel: The Dominion: Olympus Descending)

The Dominion of the mirror universe also used the headsets. (ST - Mirror Universe novel: Rise Like Lions, ST - Section 31 novel: Disavowed)

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