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Vixis was a female Klingon who lived during the 23rd century. Vixis was a member of the Empire's Defense Force.

In 2287, Vixis was serving under Captain Klaa as first officer of the B'rel-class bird-of-prey IKS Okrona. When Sybok and the Galactic Army of Light staged a take over of Nimbus III, the Okrona responded to the situation. During the subsequent confrontation with the USS Enterprise-A and Captain James T. Kirk, Vixis began a relationship with Klaa. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: The Final Frontier)

Vixis was still serving under Klaa during his two subsequent confrontations with the Enterprise. (TOS comics: "The Sentence", "Death Before Dishonor", "Going, Going...", "... Gone!")

Klovagh, son of Klaa may be the son of a union between Vixis and Klaa, however that relation is not certain.


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