General Vlas was the regent of Nukolee from 2264 to 2267. He succeeded Emperor Djan and was succeeded by Prince Raviki.

When the prince returned to Nukolee, several people made inexplicable attempts on his life. Vlas requested that Raviki sign an edict granting him martial law powers to deal with the supposed traitors, and dismissed Spock's theory that the people were actually affected by madness.

When Raviki delayed signing the edict, Vlas, General Spuzz and Commander Hlad led a coup at the palace. Raviki hid from them with a USS Enterprise landing party, then broadcast an appeal to the people from a television studio. Vlas countered by cutting off the transmission and inciting a riot, with armed troops ready to assassinate the prince. The coup was defeated when an antidote to the madness affecting them was administered. (TOS comic: "A World Gone Mad")

It was not revealed if Vlas was acting of his own free will or was affected by the madness, nor if he was punished for his actions.
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