Vlict Kenka was a Klingon active in the mid 23rd century. Kenka was a descendant of Klingons who had been affected by the augment virus of the mid 22nd century, or a QuchHa' Klingon. (ENT episodes: "Affliction", "Divergence"; VAN novel: Summon the Thunder) Vlict Kenka was a member of the Kenka family, a Klingon family descended from the Klingon nobility whose holdings included the Klingon world of Hrakkour IV. An officer in the Klingon Defense Force, he held the rank of Admiral by 2269.

In the mid 2260s the being Quetzalcoatl - who had visited Earth several hundred years earlier - came to Hrakkour and influenced the population of the world to adopt a more peaceful lifestyle. In response Admiral Kenka committed genocide, killing the entire population of Hrakkour. Kenka then forced the Federation to hand Quetzalcoatl over to him for trial on Hrakkour.

During the trial, Captain James T. Kirk convinced Admiral Kenka to allow him and his landing party to undertake several trials, with the promise that if Kirk and his crew passed the tests then Quetzalcoatl would be freed. During these trials, Kirk and his crew came across Bialbi - an extremely powerful alien who had been living on Hrakkour. Transporting Kenka to his chamber, Bialbi informed Kenka that he was sentenced to death for carrying out genocidal activities on Hrakkour. Captain Kirk intervened on Kenka's behalf, and Bialbi relented - ordering Kenka to leave the Hrakkour system and never return on pain of death. Kenka was further informed that no Klingon vessels were to return to Hrakkour. (TOS video game: Star Trek: 25th Anniversary)

There are several outcomes to Kenka's fate. Kirk can withdraw from the trial and leave Quetzalcoatl on his own in which case Kenka presumably executes him unobstructed. If Kirk brings Kenka to be tried by the Bialbi, he can choose to leave him to be executed. Choosing to have Kenka executed will still allow the player to achieve a perfect score in this mission.
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