vo'ruv'etlh, also known as the Sword of Justice, was an organization of Klingon vigilantes which arose during the chaos associated with the reign of Emperor Skolar.

Operations Edit

Members of the vo'ruv'etlh operated anonymously, wearing masks and identifying themselves as vo'ruv'etlh rather than by their individual names. When in danger of capture, members would use disruptors to vaporize themselves, thereby protecting their own identities and the secrets of their organization.

The vo'ruv'etlh challenged the decadence and corruption which characterized the nobility during this era. Over the course of a turn, these masked vigilantes assassinated members of the higher echelons of Klingon society who they considered to be dishonorable.

This campaign culminated in an attack on the Klingon High Council in the Great Hall, wherein the vo'ruv'etlh successfully assassinated Emperor Skolar and his heir along with every member of the High Council. When the Klingon Imperial Guard moved in to capture the vo'ruv'etlh, the assassins vaporized themselves en masse, thereby ending the vo'ruv'etlh for good. (ST reference: The Klingon Art of War)

Legacy Edit

Because the vo'ruv'etlh operated anonymously, little is known about its members and their motives.

In his commentary on the qeS'a', K'Ratak argues that while the vo'ruv'etlh were considered heroes by many of their contemporaries, the fact that they masked their faces made them guilty of the same dishonor that they were worn to oppose. Because they chose to operate anonymously, neither their names nor the names of their Houses were committed to history. (ST reference: The Klingon Art of War)

Etymology Edit

The name vo'ruv'etlh appears to contain the Klingonese nouns ruv ("justice") and 'etlh ("sword"). (ST reference: The Klingon Dictionary)

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