Commander Vodrin in 2290.

Vodrin was Maroan male who belonged to the Maroan Dominion. He was also the son of the Dominion's Supreme Leader, Brekara.


Vodrin was a commander of one of the Maroan Dominion's task forces in 2290. Vodrin and his task-force were sent to the Epsilon Kitaj colony, where his forces launched a gas attack on the colony. His attack was successful in separating the USS Enterprise-A and the USS Excelsior from each other on their original mission to the Tabukan system. However, Vodrin refused his mother's orders to regroup with the other task-force in the Tabukan system in favor of watching the Enterprise, despite objections from Sub-Marshal Trin.

When the Enterprise left Kitajan orbit, Vodrin decided to warn the battle force at Tabuk about this development. When his mother ordered him once again to return to the Tabukan system, Vodrin refused. Instead he decided to occupy Epsilon Kitaj and claim it for the Maroan Dominion in case the Tabuk operation failed and to give him and the task-force the respect they deserved. After his forces set up a security net around Epsilon Kitaj, Vodrin and his forces move in to occupy the world and place it under martial law. However, he allowed Drs. Abigail Wilson and Leonard McCoy of the SS Salutaris to continue providing medical aid to the colonists suffering from his force's gas attack as long as they did not engage in any form of resistance.

Vodrin was then wounded at his headquarters in an attack by the colony's resistance force. He lost his right arm and at first refused treatment from Drs. Wilson and McCoy so that he could die with honor in the Maroan way. He was abandoned by both Commander Bortser, Rethia, and the other commanders in his task-force when the Enterprise returned. Vodrin was then placed into the custody of Starfleet when Captain Kirk and security arrived on the colony's surface. (TOS comic: "Tests of Courage")

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